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Lifting/Leveling/ Lowering Kits

Is Your 4x4 Ready for a Growth Spurt?

Advantages to Leveling, Lifting, and Lowering

Whether you choose a leveling kit, a lift kit, or a lowering kit, there are benefits to modifying your vehicle. Any one of these modifications will add style, enhance your driving capability, and optimize your vehicle's performance! Each kit also improves various functions of your vehicle in terms of safety and preservation of parts .

Lift & Leveling Kits in Crossville, TN

Leveling Kits

A leveling kit can even out your truck's stance, especially when there is an uneven distribution of weight. For example, if you have a plow or winch on the front of your truck, it could cause the suspension to droop. A leveling kit can bring your truck back up to its proper height.

Lift Kits

A lift kit can protect low bumpers, the exhaust, and running boards from rocks, debris or rough roads. Lift kits come in handy when venturing off-road, keeping your vehicle body safe from the rough and rocky terrain with added ground clearance. Whether it's through rocks, mud, or deep snow, if you have larger tires, additional ground clearance, and a customized suspension - which are all benefits to a lift kit - you’ll keep your truck protected while riding in style.

Lowering Kits

A lowering kit can revamp the aerodynamics of a vehicle, and improve it's overall handling and traction capabilities. It also reduces the risk of rollover, as it's primary function is to lower your car's suspension and decrease the distance between it's underside and the road. Being closer to the road is said to create an easier and smoother ride for the driver.

When it comes time to choose what's right for you, let our knowledgeable and experienced technicians help you out.

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    Types of Lift Kits

  • Lifted Spring Suspension Kits
  • Shackle Suspension Lift Kits
  • Shackle Reverse Lift Kits
  • Coil Suspension Lift Kits

    Leveling Kit Additions

  • Strut Extensions
  • Torsion Keys
  • Coil Spacers
  • Rear-end leveling kit (Block Kit)

    Parts for Suspension Lowering

  • Wood Blocks or Tire Chocks
  • Air Compressor
  • Hand Tools
  • Jack and Jack Stands
Lift & leveling Kits in Cookeville, TN

Lifting, Leveling, and Lowering - What's the difference?

Both lifting and leveling allow for increased ground clearance, while lowering decreases the distance between the vehicle and the ground. With a leveling kit, you are raising the front end of your vehicle to match the stock height of the back end. The average height increase is about 1-2 inches, and leveling kits are simpler than lift kits. The inches you can drop with a lowering kit depend on it's coilovers, and what they are capable of handling.

With a lift kit, your vehicle can be lifted much higher, due to the modification of suspension parts. You can increase the height of your vehicle from two inches up to ten inches, even taller if you choose a custom modification. Depending on the desired height you want, lifting your truck will require new springs, shocks, control arms, and possibly a new driveshaft. Keep in mind, with increased distance between the wheel and the hub and running larger tires may require running aftermarket wheels.

A lowering kit does neither of these things. It's purpose is to lower the vehicle to the ground for increased speed, driving capability, and ascetically pleasing looks. While there are some drawbacks to this type of modification, namely the increased likelihood of bottoming out and the possibility that your systems and parts might be too close to the other parts; if you are drawn to the sleek drive and appearance of a lowered vehicle, than this is the mod for you.

So what is the right choice for you?

If your truck is used for daily driving, some off-roading, and possibly for towing, a leveling kit might be your best bet. If you're looking for ultimate ground clearance, trudging off-road through mud, water, or snow, or if you're looking to turn your truck into a head-turning ride, then a lift kit is for you. And if you're the kind of person who feels the need for speed, a lowering kit will be your best bet. Whether you choose a leveling, lowering, or a lift kit, each one will bring style and individualization to your vehicle!

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